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Learn to drive anywhere, not just pass a test! Dual carriageways, multi-lane roundabouts, one-way systems, rural roads, city driving. Fun, safe & exciting driving lessons.


Unlike over 86% of other instructors I regularly sit in on my pupil’s driving tests, so I am able to offer realistic ‘mock’ practice test to my pupils and explain EXACTLY what will happen on test, hence my exceptionally high pass rates.


Free and unlimited online study for the theory and hazard perception test.

I also provide refresher, motorway and reverse parking lessons for full licence holders and can help trainee driving instructors to qualify.

A fully qualified driving instructor is approved by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency and has a green octagonal badge proudly on display. A trainee driving instructor who is not fully qualified is legally obliged to display a pink triangular badge. Without a valid DVSA issued badge a driving instructor cannot legally charge for lessons.

DVSA Approved instructor

I looked at many instructors and eventually decided on Russell due to his amazing reviews. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to teach me such an important thing. He is really easy to get on with, instantly makes you feel comfortable, has a great sense of humour and always has a story to tell that helps you learn what to do and what not to do on the roads. He has loads of helpful insights, tips and tricks to help you learn and remember everything. He also doesn’t just get you through your test but truly challenges your driving ability like when he took me through Covent Garden in rush hour to train me to cope under pressure and to keep my observation high enough to cope with a random bike or person appearing from nowhere. If I ever made a mistake, Russell would explain everything to me and take me through it until I completely understood. I ended up passing first time after a fairly intensive 2 months and with any other instructor I don’t think I that would have been possible.

 – James

My Services

  • Manual Driving Lessons
  • Mock Driving Test
  • Pass Plus Course
  • Motorway Driving Lessons & Refresher Lessons